Restoring a SQL Server database backup file (.bak)

Introduction On regular basis we need to restore the database, either will only schema of the database, or many times both data as well as schema.  Most of the applications (either Web application e.g. ASP.NET based apps, or Windows applications e.g. WPF based apps) requires 'reference data' such as drop-down data, types of users, etc. So what is the most optimum, reliable way of moving database either on separate database server, or on the same database server but with different database name? There are several ways to achieve this objective but my personal preference is to first create the database backup file i.e. 'my_backup.bak' using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio , and then restoring that backup file to create new database.  This article focuses on restoring the backup file to create a new database. How to create the backup file will be covered in another article.   This article addresses below points: 1.   How to check the name and path of the files

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